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Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Wind Turbine

Wind Energy – Save Money & Get Tax Credits

ES Group is the leading provider of innovative wind turbine consultation sales & development services. We offer turn-key renewable energy solutions from an exclusive dealer factory network. We are committed to supporting and strengthening individual local economies as well as green initiatives while increasing the energy independence of the United States Learn more →

Cost Effective Wind Turbine
Cost Effective

Wind energy is now one of the most cost-effective sources of new electricity generation… Learn More →

Wind Turbine Tax Credits
Tax Credits

A comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives… Learn More →

Farms, Municipals, Schools, Businesses, & More

Wind Power Turbine

ES Wind Group field engineers have sited wind energy systems from Alaska to Ascension Island. That experience is important to system optimization. Our services crew has a proven system of installation and service. Post installation inspections and service contracts provide continued operational support. Our field service agency provides complete installation and service support to the growing wind farm market. Other service and warranty agencies are established on a regional basis. Learn more →

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